Personalised Nails

Do you have a need to stand out, attract attention or wear personalised clothing? If you asked “yes” you will love nail art treatments. Visit my page titled contact details & location and call the number provided to arrange one. On the other hand, you may be scared of overwhelming nail art, we can keep…

About nail wraps

Despite their lack of popularity, there are many benefits to having a nail wrap service. For example, the results are similar to familiar regular polish. Besides, there is less risk of causing damage to the natural nail because this system is very flexible. Here, we carefully selected the best materials for this treatment. To summarise,…

Our Excellent Review

Our salon is the first to receive positive feedback in the local paper. Pick up this weeks edition of the Leek Newspaper and turn to page twenty-two.

Best Gels

At the moment, gel polish seems to be the most popular treatment, but don’t let that fool you. Hard gel is much better.

Have you heard of hard gel?

First Answer: If you are looking for long-lasting nails, you should know acrylic is the most durable of all the artificial nail treatments available.